Basic Lessons Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Recommended Investment for Beginners - Easy! Low Risk! Minimal Capital!

  1. What is mutual fund?
  2. How does mutual fund works?
  3. The benefits of mutual funds
  4. Growing assets considerably in medium or long period


Chapter 2 Prime Strategies to Manage Wealth ââÅ¡¬“ Steps to Success in Mutual Funds -

  1. First, Set the Goal
  2. Decide Fund Amount for Investing
  3. Growing Fund with the Power of Compound Interest
  4. DonââÅ¡¬ÃƒÆ’¢Ã…¾¢t Just Shrug off the Cost!
  5. Mutual Funds are Profitable Long-term Investment
  6. Big Return by Investing Little-by-Little


Chapter 3 DonââÅ¡¬ÃƒÆ’¢Ã…¾¢t Miss a Chance in Investing! Important Things to Know to Avoid Failure

  1. 5 Points in Understanding the Benefits of Mutual Funds
  2. Calculating Total Return (Result from the Investment)
  3. Understanding Revenue Level with Sharpe Ratio
  4. Examining the Change of Net Assets Value


Chapter 4 Understanding Mutual Fund Variations ââÅ¡¬“Finding the Right Product-

  1. Mutual Fund that Diversify Investment in Several Equities
  2. Fixed Income Mutual Fund for High Stability
  3. Hybrid Mutual Fund for Easiness for Beginner Investors