About Us

PT Bina Investama Infonet (BII) is a joint-venture company between Indonesia and Japan with majority of shares owned by Corfina Group's company PT Anugrah Surya Semesta (51%), joined with E-Advisor (49%). E-Advisor is wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar Japan K.K. Morningstar Japan is owned by SBI Holdings (49.4%) and Morningstar USA (33.6%). Morningstar Japan and its subsidiary committed to provide BII supports in area of technology, analysis method, and technical support.

Pasardana.id is a web portal created by BII with assistance from Morningstar Japan to promote and increase the understanding of Mutual Funds and Capital Market in Indonesia through internet-based investment information. The website is also focusing on providing investment information service which is accurate, objective, and reliable to help its clients in making wise investment decisions.


Suryanto Wijaya

Suryanto Wijaya is the CEO and owner of PT Anugrah Surya Semesta. He graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, having finished Master of Science majoring in Electronic Engineering. He was awarded Japanese government scholarship program Mombusho and South East Asia Student Scholarship. He was working in Bank of Tokyo (Jakarta) and Citibank (Jakarta) as Vice President for Corporate Finance.







Morningstar Japan K.K. Representative Director and President

Tomoya Asakura engaged in asset management advisory services at Hokkaido Takushoku Bank and Merrill Lynch after degree of Master of Arts at Keio University in 1989. Asakura Joined SOFTBANK CORP. at Finance Department, he was responsible for financing, management and establishment fund, and Initial Public Offering(IPO)of the subsidiaries after finishing his degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Illinois State University in 1995.After his working at Morningstar Inc, Asakura became one of the important members of establishing Morningstar Japan in 1998.

Asakura was appointed as a Representative Director of Morningstar Japan in 2004.

Since then, Asakura has been contributing to accurate asset building of individual investors by providing neutral and objective investment information from Morningstar Japan as an independent mutual fund rating agency.

Asakura is also serving as a lecturer of asset management seminar and providing investment education for individual investors through newspapers, magazines, television, and other media.